We develop brand visions, which mature into their own personas. We help you better communicate your promise to your consumers. You have the best intimate knowledge about your business. We bring in the mix of analysis, strategy, expertise and our acute creativity to make your business establish an emotional connection with your consumers. The emotional connection is made from the overall brand experience and ultimately shapes perception and defines a brand reality. Branding or rebranding, we love being brand doctors and helping your brand reap its full potential.


    Great design is inspiring and captivating. It has the power to wow your customers at first sight and speak their language. Professional print design is mandatory for creating your brand identity. Our print designs are done with a clear understanding of your brand’s promise and personality. The brochures, fliers, business cards, banners, labels, packaging and wraps are all crafted with a focus to integrate and compliment the web presence and not in isolation. Our print designs deliver powerful, memorable and a compelling brand image that gives your brand the due recognition.


    We specialize in packaging designs that flirt with your customers as they walk through a store. Our designs are not shy to make that first move. It takes good looks, a keen sense of style, confidence and the promise of a great experience to get picked up off a store shelf. We call this the body language of packaging. Our designs increase sales because we take the time to see your products through the wandering eyes of wondering consumers. It is tough to get noticed out there if your packaging is not stunning. We can make it sexy, just how they like it and get heads turning.


    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, Reddit, Wiki and what will be next? Everyone is sharing, talking and interacting. New media can be overwhelming even for the biggest and strongest brands. There is no avoiding it. Just embrace it. The reality is the first ever interaction of consumers with your brand will most likely be digital. Consumers demand integrated, consistent and meaningful online and offline brand experiences from virtual worlds to retail stores. We craft social media strategies and create campaigns, to help guide you through the maze and let you be heard.

Our Story
When you love what you do and do what you love there is no magic.

Team A V A N L I is made up of professional dreamers, expert strategists, radical designers and die hard doers. While working for leading advertising agencies, top retail businesses and multinational companies in different continents, we secretly met at a Dubai restaurant a few times and plotted against mediocrity. The time had come to finally launch our plan. “Operation Sheesha” was successful and Avanli was born. We are now a self-appointed special UN team in charge of tackling global creative challenges. While not busy having fun, we do scuba diving, gourmet cooking, extreme photography, wii tennis and yoga. We help creatively challenged businesses and individuals from around the world bring their projects to life.

How we do

  • First Date
    •   Get to know you.
    •   Listen to you.
    •   Tell you about us.
    •   Learn about your business.
    •   Talk about life.
  • Ideate
    •   Learn more about your industry.
    •   Research your competitors.
    •   Do a SWOT analysis.
    •   Create concept and strategy.
    •   Think it over a game of pool.
  • Design
    •   Show examples.
    •   Select fonts.
    •   Define color palettes.
    •   Sketch branding and logo concepts.
    •   Meditate and visualize.
  • Second Date
    •   Present the concepts and strategy.
    •   Receive your feedback.
    •   Answer your questions.
    •   Get approval to proceed.
    •   Give high fives.
  • Build
    •   Incorporate feedback.
    •   Begin building.
    •   Craft and fine tune.
    •   Do finishing touches.
    •   Chillax with a movie.
  • Pre-Launch
    •   Discuss marketing budgets.
    •   Evaluate launch options.
    •   Finalize launch strategy.
    •   Promote internally.
    •   Play some pool.
  • Launch
    •   Align touchpoints.
    •   Launch SEO.
    •   Create a social media buzz.
    •   Launch externally.
    •   Pop the bubbly.
  • Support
    •   Design promotional material.
    •   Create advertising campaigns.
    •   Manage brand identity.
    •   Help brand extensions.
    •   Call and see how its going.

What’s up with the pool table?

Some clients ask us, do you guys work or do you play pool all day? We can’t really answer that because our pool table is an important part of our work. So, lets just say we play a lot while working.
Our creative approach and philosophy starts at the pool table. Like in many challenges we solve for our clients, a clear straight on shot may not always be available and we need to consider all angles and options before aiming for the shot.
If the best angle is blocked we bank the cue ball off the rail to hit the target, make the cue ball hit another ball to hit the target or hit the target ball to bounce off the rail at the right angle. Sometimes even with a clear shot in place, we pocket another target to create a better run.
We are not afraid to use some great spin or even jump the cue ball. Actually, we love the difficult shots, because acute angles bring out our acute creativity. We create a winning strategy with a clever mix of soft and powerful shots and execute with Avanli’s unique finesse.

So, what’s with pool table? That's where we get the ball rolling.

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    Business Developement

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    Client Service

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    Senior Developer

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    Online Marketing

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